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Armistice Display WW1


Our new display in the Memorabilia cabinet, concentrates on the day Armistice was signed in WW1 Between France, Britain and Germany on the 11th of November 1918, 100 years ago, and this year is the Anniversary.

It bought four years of fighting to an end and many young lives were lost over this period. The display shows the reaction with photos of the people in Swanson Street Melbourne, and the clock striking 11am, indicating the signing of the Treaty that would act as a peace treaty between the nations.

In this display are mannequins of a Private Soldier returning to being greeted by his wife, and a gentleman greeting his son on their return to Australia. There are many stories of our troops that served in WW1, which we have heard over the last four years, and this display brings to an end of our exhibitions of the First World War.

Box Hill RSL encourages both our members and the general public to view this comprehensive display.

Brian Tateson – Memorabilia Box Hill RSL.