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Affiliate Member

Service, comradeship and loyalty are the cornerstones of Affiliate membership.

The RSL is Australia’s largest, most influential and effective ex-service organisation.  The League provides its members with a range of benefits and services, as well as promoting the ties of mateship and caring for veterans and their dependants. Affiliate membership of the RSL was first introduced in 1969 in South Australia. Today South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania all offer Affiliate membership. Affiliate membership was introduced in the belief that the families of veterans would bring a new vitality to the RSL, whilst maintaining the RSL ethos of unselfish service, loyalty, and adherence to the highest ideals of citizenship. Today the scope of Affiliate membership has been increased to recognise the contribution of those who serve our community through their role in emergency services such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service and the State Emergency Service.

What is Affiliate Membership?

Affiliate Membership is a type of RSL membership that caters for family members of serving and ex-service men and women.  It is also for members or ex-members of the police, fire brigade, ambulance and SES. Its purpose is to provide a form of RSL membership that maintains the ‘bloodlines’ of those who have served their country in both peace and war.

The Badge

The Affiliate badge includes 3 colours, red, white and blue and was designed by Mr. Eric Smith, the then President of the South Australian Branch of the RSL. The symbolism of the colours is the same as that of the Service members’ badge:

  • The red represents the blood tie of war upon which the Returned and Services League was originally founded;
  • White stands for the purity of your motive in joining the League – to render service without thought of personal gain or ambition;
  • The blue indicates your willingness to render that service to a comrade anywhere under the blue sky – wherever that comrade may be.

The crown at the top of the badge symbolises the League’s loyalty to the Queen. Below the crown provision has been made for a year clip which displays the year of issue.

At the heart of the badge is a Tri-Service emblem representing the Army, Navy and Air Force and the link between Affiliate members, the RSL and our Armed Forces. The placement of this symbol at the centre of the badge is representative of the fact that at the heart of Affiliate membership is a commitment to honour those who have served our nation in war and peace through their enlistment in Australia’s Armed Forces. The badge is a statement of your membership of the Victorian Branch of the Returned and Services League and should be worn with pride. It declares your commitment to render service at all times to your country, your comrades and the League. It joins you with a time honoured organisation that was founded by the most revered in our land and it is a privilege to wear this symbol of unity with the legend of ANZAC. We ask that you look upon your badge as an inspiration to good citizenship, cherishing it as a symbol of all that is best in our national life. That you wear it with pride and honour all that it stands for.


The cost of joining Box Hill RSL as an Affiliate member is an annual fee of $40.00.  Please contact Box Hill RSL on (03) 9897 6700 for a membership form to be posted to you.