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Short Story Competition

2015 Competition

In early 2015, the Box Hill RSL Committee announced a short story competition. Initially, it was envisaged that the stories would be factual and fictional stories. As it turned out, most were factual family stories from both world wars. More than sixty members submitted some very interesting stories.

Winners were: Stephen McGrath – “One Eye Closed”

Second Prize:    Carol Rosenhain – “Never Forgotten”

Third Prize:       Patricia MacClaren-Low -“Untitled”

Fourth Prize:     Walter Barnett – “The Gilded Smile”

Four others were given honourable mention: Jill Cobb-Dwyer, Dorothy Gill, Peter Norman and Denis Whelan.

The first prize winner, Stephen McGrath’s story was entitled “One Eye Closed” This was his submission.

One Eye Closed

2016 Competition

Never Forgotten